Young Interpreters

Young interpreters is a group of pupils who  are bilingual in English and an additional language.

The children are chosen for their language skills, their responsible attitude to school life and their ability to befriend and support younger children for whom English is an additional language.

Most of the Young Interpreters joined River Beach with little or no English and have learned and refined their English skills during their time  at this school. Not only do they have the ability to converse with younger children in their home language, but they also have first hand experience of how it feels to be a  new pupil with emerging  skills in English.

The Young interpreters work with the EAL team to support new pupils, e.g. through befriending them at playtimes or helping with settling in  on the first few days at school.

Every  half term a group of Phase 1 pupils participate in ‘Activity days’ hosted by the Young Interpreters; activities include Craft makes , reading stories and playing games. These days are a regular event looked forward by all.