Year 6

As we approach the Year 6 SATS, we have written a blog post about how best to support your child at this time. Please take the time to read it here.

Autumn Term

Our brand new topic this year is the Robotic Revolution. We start off by reading and writing about the strange and mysterious world of Shaun Tan’s Lost Thing, before building Jittering Jitterbugs. This year the children spent time debating whether robots could replace adults in the workplace, and convincing David Cameron to change legislation! They then visited the Science Museum, to find out about the real life robots that are being developed all over the world. On our Drone Day the children investigate how drones could be used to visit inaccessible places and build their own websites. After half-term the children read the Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick, which stimulates writing about the filmmaker Georges Méliès and the train crash at Montparnasse Station, as well as learning about the city of Paris, time and a brief history of rail travel.

Spring term

During the spring we enter into the world of Heroes and Villains, starting off with the Legend of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. We then compare this to our local environment and map the route to the local legend of the Lyminster Knucker. After this, the Year 6 pupils write about their own heroes, before nominating their own local hero for the Pride of River Beach awards ceremony. The children then write to their nominees, and organise the event themselves, with singing, speeches, refreshments, local dignitaries and the awards themselves. The children then report on this event, before a week of reading, writing, sport and maths connected to the country of Brazil during International Week. As well as this, Year 6 run their own 500 word story competition, based on the Radio 2 competition.

Summer Term

During the summer term Year 6 children will be tested, for the first time, on the New Curriculum, and children will sit tests in Reading, Grammar Punctuation and Spelling and maths. You can download a summary of the tests here.  Although the children will work very hard in preparation for these tests, they will also have opportunities to learn about William Shakespeare, and Macbeth, and act out parts of the play. They also learn about the global impact of Fair Trade and raise money for developing countries by creating their own café. During the summer term all children will take part in Safer Cycling and also have the opportunity to join us on our residential trip to Blackland Farm


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Year 6 SATS Information

As the date for the Year 6 SATS approaches, we wanted to share some information about how best to support…