Year 5

Year 5

In Year 5 we aim to continue the children’s love of learning, with a rich and cross-curricular approach, which taps into each individual learner’s abilities and talents and is inspiring, exciting and memorable.


Autumn Term – First Half

The year begins with the study of North America.  The children study the human and geographical features of this wonderful part of the world.  Each class also adopts one country with it to study in more depth.

In science, children will receive a letter from Bear Grylls explaining that he wants a new clothing line for his expedition across North America.  This will lead to them developing scientific experiments to test materials for durability, flexibility and insulation.  The children will also be designing and making their own compasses using only materials and objects that they could find in the wild.

The study will end with ‘Native American Day’, where the children will study Totem Poles and their symbolism and create their very own to represent the pupils within the group they are working.

We will also be holding a country and western afternoon whereby the children will learn country and western line dances.

Autumn Term – Second Half

This term being with a creative journey back to Victorian times where the children take on the persona of a poor Victorian child.

They experience a typical day in a Victorian school and compare how life is different today. They then explore what life was like for working children, and experience a day as a servant with a trip to Preston Manor.

As well as this, the children investigate some of the technological advancements of the period and learn about the life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, culminating in a design technology day in which the children make suspension bridges inspired by Victorian engineering.

Below is an information presentation that some of the children produced this year:

Spring Term

During the spring term, the children begin by a study of natural disasters, where they gain a deeper understanding of the science of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. We also focus on the human aspect of these disasters, including a study of the effects of the 2011 Japanese tsunami on the people of this region.

In the second half of the summer term, we take the children on a journey into outer space beginning with a trip to the South Downs Planetarium in Chichester. During this theme, the children study the space race and the history of space travel, as well exploring the planets and writing science fiction about aliens.

In addition to our themes, we also hold a strong commitment to help children develop lifelong learning skills such as collaboration, team work, problem solving and perseverance.  We plan opportunities for children to develop these skills throughout each term, as well as encouraging the children to be self-evaluative and independent learners.

Summer Term – First Half

The summer term is started with a study of the local area and comparison to Arundel.  Children focus on pedestrianised areas, traffic (both human and mechanical) and human features, their uses and reasons for location.

Children will be conducting explorations of both areas and will be visiting Arundel in the latter part of this half term.

During English session, children will be studying the A27 and how it ends at Lyminster.  They will be part of a debate that discusses different plans for the road and will study the effects of each in depth.  This will lead to the children writing persuasive letters to their local counsellor about their views on the subject.

The children will be studying the book Peter Pan as its author, J.M.Barrie, has a connection to Rustington.

Summer Term – Second Half

During the summer term, Year 5 pupils learn about the Ancient Greeks; how they lived and what impact they have had on our lives today.

Through class and guided reading texts, they will discover how this ancient civilisation thought the world was created and how the numerous Gods controlled what went on, on Earth.

We will be using drama and small worlds to create a variety of experiences for the children to write from, including newspapers and poetry.

We will be finishing the term with an Olympic Day, where the children organise ‘River Beach Games’, using their skills across the curriculum.

Through exploratory work and study from books and website, children will also learn about the life cycles of plants, birds, amphibians and mammals.


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