Year 4

During Year 4, the children of River Beach travel back in time to explore the worlds of Ancient Rome, Ancient Celtic Britain and the Mayans. They deepen their understanding of 7 continents with a key focus on the Arctic and Antarctic. It is also during Year 4, that the children have the opportunity to work towards earning their handwriting pen licence.

The Autumn Term

During the Autumn Term, through reading, writing and role play, the children discover what it was like in England before the Romans invaded, the world from which the Romans came, the impact they had on the lives of the Celts and the legacy the Romans left here in Britain. The pupils will learn key phrases in Latin, battle movements and create their own authentic shield to re-enacting a Roman invasion at West Beach, which will support them in writing their own diary. In addition to this, pupils will also learn about famous people during this period of history including Boudicca and Togidubnus.

Following pupils study of Pompeii, they will learn about modern day Italy, including culture, food, key phrase and famous Italian landmarks. Pupils will create their own Italian food, visit a local Italian restaurant and run their own restaurant for invited dinners. In doing this pupils will deepen their understanding of persuasive and descriptive writing.

The Spring Term

In the Spring Term, pupils will deepen their understanding of Polar Regions during our topic, Frozen Planet. Pupils will study the expedition of Ernest Shackleton and the dangers that he and his crew faced in 1914.

The children will be investigating the landscapes of the Antarctica and Arctic. In addition to this, we will be learning about the animals that live in these regions, environmental issues involving the poles and researching about the native people and how they have adapted to survive in such harsh conditions.

During the second half of the term pupils will have the opportunity to meet an explorer and create their own compass in preparing for our own Polar Day.

The Summer Term

Studying the geographical features of the rivers and beaches of the United Kingdom is the focus of topic work during the Summer Term. The children make their own models of mountains, springs and meandering rivers to understand how the United Kingdom’s intricate river systems lead to the seas surrounding our country. We take full advantage of the local River Arun and Littlehampton Beach to give the children first hand experiences.

During the Summer Term, we also look forward to our residential visit to Lodge Hill.




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