Year 3

Year 3 denotes the start of your child’s journey into Key Stage 2. We aim to provide an exciting and memorable curriculum, which gives each child a range of experiences. Drama and practical activities are embedded throughout the year to provide the children with real life and first hand experiences. During the year we aim to continue your child’s progress as a lifelong learner by providing opportunities for them to apply and extend their learning from previous years and develop new skills.

Autumn Term

Our year begins with a journey back in time to the Stone Age. In our topic ‘Stones and Bones’ the children explore the changes in Britain during the period of time from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. In our first trip of the year we visit Cissbury Ring, an important area of flint mining in the Stone Age as well as one of the country’s largest and best preserved Iron Age hill forts. Back in the classroom the children learn about the art of cave painting as well as having the chance to apply their learning to creating their own Stone Age flint tool.

We hope that you enjoy this clip of some of the Year 3 children discussing the Stone Age.

After half term the children in Year 3 are encouraged to deepen their understanding of their local area through our topic ‘Our Town: Littlehampton’. This topic focuses on the history of Littlehampton as a seaside holiday destination in the early 20th century. The learning is supported by a visit to and workshop at the Littlehampton Museum. Also during this topic the children will be challenged to design, build and promote their own fairground ride for the local theme park Harbour Park.

Spring Term

Throughout the Spring Term the children in Year 3 learn about the Ancient Egyptians during our topic ‘Sands of Time’. This begins by them taking on the role of an archaeologist and discovering the tomb of Tutankhamen. The children will then have the opportunity to learn about the process of mummification and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the pyramids. During our art and DT lessons the children research the significance of amulets and design and create their own for an ancient Egyptian to wear. Throughout the term, the children will also learn about the importance of the River Nile and the process of flooding by constructing their own River and flooding it.

Below is a video showing what happened when the River Nile was flooded in the class room…

Summer Term

At the start of the Summer Term, we travel back in time to research the life of the Tudors with a particular focus on Henry VIII. The children will visit Portsmouth to experience the Mary Rose exhibition and take part in a drama workshop, ‘Henry’s Heroes,’ to deepen their understanding of Tudor Life. Through a study of Tudor portraits the children to learn about several key figures of the era, including Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I.

During the final half term of the year the children will learn through the theme ‘Storms and Shipwrecks’. This topic begins with a project focusing on the sinking of the Titanic where the children will work in groups to create presentations focusing on the condition and experiences of different types of people aboard the ship.

Finally our year ends with a study of the play ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare, in which the children with have the chance of experience Shakespearian language and even perform their own short scenes.

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