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Marvellous Machines (Autumn 1)

We begin our exciting learning journey in Year 2 with the topic Marvellous Machines. We read books called ‘The Magic Bed’, ‘We All Go Travelling By’ and ‘Harry and Rosie Take a Train Journey’. We look at machines from the past and investigate what they are and what they were used for – it’s a bit tricky as some machines we’ve never seen before! We use our historical skills to create a time-line of machines and research who invented different machines and how and why they have changed over the years. Sometimes we even have a visit from someone famous from the past!  We use our DT creative building skills to design and invent our own machines– watch this space some inventions may well become a machine of the future! We look at the artist Julian Opie and design our own unique tiles to create prints just like the urban artist himself. We finish our topic with an exciting ride on a train but only if we can persuade Mrs Grevett to let us go!

The Lost Happy Endings (Autumn 2)

We start our topic with a ‘Whizz, Bang and Pop’ by having a firework day. We explore firework poetry, make fireworks, move like fireworks and compose music to match firework movements. We learn about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. We then focus on Remembrance Day and learn about why we mark this occasion and what we do to symbolise it. We read a text called ‘The lost Happy Endings’ and share our experiences of fairy tales and woodlands. To enhance our learning we explore our local surroundings and visit Slindon woods. Whilst at the woods the children use their senses and imaginations to search for a character called ‘Jub’ from our focus text ‘The Lost Happy Endings’. It can be quite tricky to find her but we definitely preserve and try our best and I’m sure one day we will see her; sometimes we are very lucky and she visits our classes! We develop our art skills whilst using pastels and charcoal to create night time woodland scenes. Using all of our English skills we become authors and write stories, diaries, letters, poems and posters. We then invite our parents in to read our work; we love this afternoon as we get to snuggle down, enjoy snacks and share our work we have written. We finish our topic by combing our maths and English skills to bake and sell Christmas biscuits to raise money for our school charity The Hearing Dogs.

Houses and Homes (Spring 1)

We start the new term by exploring and learning about different types of houses and homes. We use our imaginations to design our own homes and use descriptive language to describe them. We then think of a character that could live in our house and write a story based on our chosen character.  We take a walk around our local environment to observe the different types of houses and discover how they have changed and why. To continue our school link with Sri Lanka we learn about what houses in Sri Lanka look like and the different materials they use. We then compare and contrast these houses to ours and even have information from children in Sri Lanka to help us with our learning. To learn how houses are marketed and how estate agents persuade people to buy them we visit local estate agents to discover some top selling tips and tricks of the trade. We then use these to help us sell and promote our own houses when we transform ourselves into estate agents! Using all of skills we have learnt about houses and homes we combine our English, maths, science and DT skills to finish with a Den building week. Our challenge is to build a solid structure that will survive the various weather elements, fit people inside and of course look like a den you would like to live in – so get collecting various shaped and sized boxes now; the bigger the better!

Ship Ahoy! (Spring 2)

This is an exciting topic where we learn about pirates, dress up and visit HMS Victory. Working in groups we research facts about real life pirates and create interactive information boards that we share with adults and children across the school. To create a sense of excitement and bring our learning alive we have a pirate day. On this day the children and adults dress up and take part in a range of hands-on activities such as: writing letters in a bottle, creating and making flags, making treasure maps, learning to talk like a pirate and even tasting special pirate grog! To enhance our learning even further we visit HMS Victory and find out interesting facts about Nelson, where he died, how he died and discover the types of foods sailors would eat and where they slept. Whilst exploring HMS Victory we get to truly understand and appreciate what it was like to be part of a crew on a ship. Do you think you would like it? Why? Why not?

In The Dark (Summer 1)

Although the nights are bright and summer is getting closer we cast our brains back to the dark winter nights and discover wild and wonderful facts about the dark. To start our topic in an exciting, fun way we have a dressing gown and slipper day where we all come to school warm and cosy, ready to learn night time facts. We learn about people who work at night, stars and nocturnal animals. We use a range of non-fiction texts and the internet to help us research and discover facts. We read texts ‘The Owl Who is Afraid of The Dark’ and ‘Plop’ and describe the characters appearance in detail. To help truly understand what an owl looks like we have an amazing visit from ‘Owls About Town’ who bring in a wide range of different owls for the children to observe and hold up close. You won’t believe your eyes as some are very large and we have to be brave!

The Great Fire Of London (Summer 2)

If you enjoy being a detective and discovering facts about the past and how this has changed the present this is the topic for you! We find out when the Great Fire of London happened, where it started, who was involved and think about how people felt and why. Using facts gathered about the fire we investigate whether this disaster could occur again today. After discovering how dangerous the Fire of London was we have a visit from some fire fighters who teach us fire safety rules and how to keep safe. We develop our art skills by observing the skyline of London at night and the silhouettes we can see. Using this and our knowledge of the Great Fire of London we create a silhouette of the great fire using a range of collage materials.


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