Year 2

Year 2 starts with a big bad wolf and three little pigs. However, we soon hear from the big bad wolf himself with his side of the famous story. ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’ is a very engaging text and a great start to the Autumn Term, allowing the children to develop their descriptive writing and to learn about food chains in Science. Next we search for ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ and in particular a character called Jub. The children’s imaginations and senses will be put to good use exploring fairy tales and deep dark forests.

Spring Term brings a change of scenery. We’ll have the children ‘Singing for their Supper’ as we study the wonderful words and illustrations in The Mousehole Cat. Anyone one for a spot of sailing and a slice of stargazy pie? A long journey north-east then brings us to our capital city, London. A jump in time will take us back to Sunday 2nd September 1666, the day the ‘Great Fire of London’ started. The rest is history.

The start of Summer brings a new science project to Year 2. ‘Save the Bees’ is an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how plants and flowers grow, and to gain an insight into the importance of bees. Can our budding environmental scientists make a difference to their plight? The year finishes with a firm favourite … it’s only a matter of time before a shout of ‘Ship Ahoy!’ sends shivers down our spines. The book Pirate Cruncher helps us set sail into the mysterious and murky waters of history. Is that the Jolly Roger I see flying on the horizon?

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