Year 1

In Year 1, children get used to a more structured day.


Our first topic of the year is ‘Earth Explorers’, focussing on Science. The children become explorers and use their five senses to investigate animals, foods and the school grounds.BBC internet report

One of the foods investigated is Marmite….you either love it or hate it! This leads to ‘The Great Marmite Debate’ which is an opportunity for the children to learn how to express their opinions eloquently and appropriately. Below is an example ‘River Beach News’ video and a BBC internet report that are used to help make the children’s learning as real as possible.



We then move on to ‘Back to the Future’, focussing on History, Science and Design and Technology. The children study toys in the past, present and future before designing and making their own. The children become curators following a visit to Worthing Toy Museum and use their new skills to set up their own toy museum. Parents and carers are invited to attend the grand opening!


‘Lands End to John O’Groats’ kicks off the Spring term, focussing on Geography and the Science of plants. The children operate as journalists, following a charity groups epic ‘as the crow flies’ journey from Lands End to John O’Groats by kayak, bike and on foot. This provides an excellent opportunity to look at the human and physical features across the UK.


Our second Spring term topic starts of as a mystery, following the arrival of a golden egg in each classroom. Detective skills come to the fore when researching what could be inside it and how to look after it.

What will happen when the egg hatches?…


Summer term commences with a trip to the seaside, leading us into ‘Where We Live’. This helps to consolidate the year’s geography work and is an opportunity for some large scale outdoor artwork.

Where we live

The Year 1 Phonics Screening Check is a key focus in the first half of the term.

Next, we study a famous historic local person … Anita Roddick. This leads into our final project for the year, giving the children an opportunity to use everything they have learnt so far and to develop business and enterprise skills…

‘Project B’ was set up with the help and support of The Body Shop head office in Littlehampton. Once the children have analysed and tested a range of cosmetic products from across the market, they are tasked with designing their own product range for children.

Body Shop

Will their design and business case pass approval and be moved forward to a trial production run?

Will their final product pass quality testing and make it into the school shop?

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