World War 2 Studies

As part of the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day commemorations, Year 6 were invited to take part in the activities at the Look and Sea Centre in Littlehampton.

The children had already learnt lots about World War Two and this week helped the children to understand why D-Day was so important. The children researched D-Day and then each pupil wrote a poem about the brave soldiers who took part. All of these were then put into special books. On the actual anniversary, all of the children dressed in World War Two costumes and wore a poppy that they had made. The children were able to find out more about D-Day on their visit to the Look and Sea Centre. Local residents showed them artefacts from the war, including a real German torch. They met a Spiv and found out all about the Black Market. In the afternoon, some of the children met some real veterans from D-Day and interviewed them about their experiences. Then each of the children presented each of the veterans with a copy of our poems. It was clear that they veterans were very moved by our poems, as we received many thank you letters.

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