World War 1

The focus for the second half of the Autumn term for Years 5 and 6 was World War One to commemorate the 100 years anniversary. Our pupils gained their understanding of and empathy with the soldiers through their studies across the curriculum. Much of their work contributed to the children creating their very own museum. All the artefacts were made by the pupils themselves including models of the poppies, medals, cenotaphs, models of the trenches and much more. Also on display were poems and stories written by the pupils. They also wrote their own audio guides to the museum, of which one example can be seen below.

At the WW1 museum the children set up a café selling drinks and cakes to visitors. They donated the money they made from the café to “Help for Heroes”.

The children wrote their own diary entries for the Christmas Truce, a small sample of which can be read here.