What We Learn in Reception

We start by exploring people that are special to us, and how others help us in our Super Me! topic. A visit to the local fire station is just one of the exciting highlights in our first 6 weeks together. We then move on to looking at celebrations which is brought to an end with the special performance of the Christmas Nativity by the children!

In the Spring term, we head off into space with our new topic, To Infinity and Beyond, exploring how life is different in space compared to on Earth as well as an enjoyable look at the stars (weather permitting!!). Before Easter, we look at where our food comes from and how it is grown with a visit to the only place we can go to see this – a working farm! We then explore local supermarkets to see if we can find any local produce. The children are each given a special seed to grow at home, following on from a certain text with some magic beans….

As their first year draws to an end, the Summer term starts with a look at a famous tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in our topic, Bears Bears Bears – don’t worry though, we haven’t found any real bears yet! To finish off the year, we head off to The Jungle where we explore different animals and plants that grow there. Creating vines and rhymes is the theme of this topic and we hope that the familiar jungle cheeky monkeys don’t misbehave as we explore their tree top homes!

Moving on into Year 1 is an important transition and we ensure that the children get to know their new teacher and classroom in plenty of time to help them feel happy when they return as Year 1 children!