Uniform Policy

Aims and Objectives

At River Beach Primary School children wear a uniform when attending school, representing the school, or when participating in a school event outside normal school hours.
We believe that a school uniform:

  • is practical and smart
  • promotes a sense of pride in the school;
  • reinforces a sense of community and belonging;
  • identifies the children as members of the school;
  • makes children feel equal in terms of appearance;
  • prevents children from competing with clothes;
  • is suitable for school and good value for money;
  • is designed with health and safety in mind.

The School Uniform

The River Beach School uniform consists of:

  • light blue polo shirt;
  • black trousers (not leggings or black jeans style) or black knee length skirt
  • royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan;
  • white, blue or black socks; tights may be worn (but these must be dark coloured and not footless);
  • in the summer blue and white checked dress or black shorts (tailored school shorts and not sport shorts).

P.E. Kit:

  • black shorts;
  • house coloured T shirts.

Children may wear a sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms in cold weather.

River Beach uniform may be obtained from Ricara, 3 Arundel Road, Littlehampton; or Felix Dance & Leisure, 37 Beach Road, Littlehampton.


Children are required to wear black shoes, without built up heels, and without any coloured ‘flashes’, logos or laces. For games lessons children should wear trainers or plimsolls (trainers are recommended for KS2 games).


For reasons of health and safety children are not allowed to wear jewellery at school. The only exceptions are small objects of religious significance; watches, for the purpose of telling the time; and ear studs in pierced ears. To prevent injury children should remove ear studs for PE lessons, or if they cannot be taken out children should not wear earrings on the day they have PE. In  exceptional circumstances, parents may provide a plaster to cover the studs.

Hair, nails and make up

Extreme hair styles, decorative patterns cut into the hair and coloured or dyed hair are not allowed. The use of styling products should be kept to a minimum.
Long hair should be tied back at all times. Hair bands, ribbons/bows or ‘scrunchies’ should be plain and either blue or black. Hair bands should not have large flowers attached.
Make up and nail varnish should not be worn to school unless for an out of school hours’ function, for example a school disco. If a child does come wearing makeup, they will be told to remove it. No caps or other headwear are allowed inside school, with the exception of headwear worn for religious purposes and agreed by the school.

If you would like to read our full uniform policy please look here.