River Beach Bakery Project

As part of our topic, The Great Fire of London, we have been learning about bakeries. We visited Tesco in-store bakery and discovered how a bakery works and the special machines they use and the long hours they work! We decided to create our own bakery at school but this was a real business challenge and we had to use a range of skills and link our learning.

We made the products, found out which items the customers preferred, worked out the money we spent on ingredients and how much we should charge to ensure a profit, thought of a bakery name and worked in teams to market our new business by designing logos and jingles, wrote a pitch to encourage people to vote for our business, learnt how to be an effective shopkeeper and finally opened our new business ready for customers to buy delicious delights! We worked so hard and our new business venture was a real success and we even made £93.30.

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