The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London was re-created at River Beach Primary school today as part of our year 2 topic! The children used the houses they had built to represent the streets of London in 1666 and the Fire Fighters from Littlehampton kindly agreed to set them alight to show us what the fire of London would have looked like in real life. We got to see how quickly the fire spread and got to experience first-hand the different emotions and feelings the citizens of London would have felt. We passed cups of water along the year group line to find out how slow and frustrating it would have been passing leather buckets along the streets of London, which helped us truly understand and appreciate how hard it was battling to put out the fire.  Luckily the fire service has been introduced since 1666 and the Fire Fighters used their hoses to put out the fire, which was a lot quicker and highlighted one of the many positive things that have happened as a result of the Great Fire of London. We had so much fun and it was a fantastic finale to our amazing topic, full of learning and enjoyment.

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