We encourage our children to be inquisitive, to develop their questioning skills and an understanding of the world they live in and most importantly we aim to make our science fun!

Science is a regular part of the curriculum and is linked to our topics where appropriate. Children are given opportunities to develop their natural curiosity by exploring objects, asking and answering questions and devising suitable investigations using a wide range of practical resources. Children are taught to predict what they think will happen; to observe and to discuss what they have seen; to solve and check answers to problems, record their findings and draw conclusions. They are then encouraged to apply what they have learnt through first hand experiences to other situations.We learn about ourselves and how to keep healthy; plants, seeds and other animals and why different things live in different places; materials, their properties, what they can be used for and what solids, liquids or gases are; how and which forces make things move; light and dark, how sound travels and we explore electrical circuits.

Websites to extend and further learning at home include: