School to School Support


Head teachers and Deputy Head teachers from all schools work closely together, resulting in key policies being consistent across the Trust.

Working as part of a Multi-Academy Trust means that staff at all levels are able to share good practice and expertise.

Examples of work undertaken together include

  • Board members, SCC and Senior Leadership teams working on a future business plan
  • Headteachers working on a range of issues including Performance Management, analysis of data and teaching and learning
  • Deputy Headteachers devising a scrutiny sheet to be used for learning walks. Their current focus is Assessment without levels
  • Year teams from across the schools meeting regularly to discuss any issues that relate to the age group that they are teaching in order to improve learning.
  • Teachers with expertise in a specific area are regularly called on to deliver staff meetings or to work alongside colleagues in other schools. An example from River Beach is our Deputy Head Dave Ayers leading the introduction of Home Learning logs at Edward Bryant School.
  • Activities such as the moderation of pupils’ work provide an external view and ensure there is consistency across the Trust.
  • Newly qualified teachers regularly visit other schools in the Trust in order to observe and learn from outstanding practitioners.

The Trust has implemented a programme for recently qualified teachers resulting in these teachers feeling fully supported in what is a crucial year in their teaching career.

There is also a programme in place to support teachers thus ensuring that all teaching in the Trust is good or outstanding because less than this is not acceptable for our children.

At a financial level, School Business Managers work closely together in order that schools can achieve best value across the Trust.

Through this, being a Schoolsworks school allows us to continually enhance and develop school improvement.