School Performance

At River Beach we want every child to succeed which is why our aim is to give them every chance every day.
Academic achievement is very important. We want our pupils to achieve as highly as they can and this means making the progress we would expect and more. It is our responsibility to deliver a curriculum which excites and engages our children and at the same time gives them the skills and knowledge they need for the future especially as regards reading, writing and maths.

An overview of our annual data assessment is as follows


  • A baseline assessment when the children have been here a few weeks
  • An assessment at the end of the year to check what progress has been made

Year 1

  • National Phonics Test

Year 2

  • National Key Stage 1 tasks in Reading, writing and mathematics

Year 3 to 5

  • Internal assessments in reading, writing and mathematics

Year 6

  • National Key Stage 2 tests in Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and mathematics
  • Teacher assessments in writing


Please see below for national data

School Performance Data 2018

School Performance in the national Key Stage 2 tests (NCTs or SATs)

Swimming Outcomes in Year 6