School Improvement


Schoolsworks Directors are accountable for the performance of all schools in the M.A.T. (Multi Academy Trust). It is their role to raise standards .

Together with the Operational Executive, Headteachers and SCC they have a shared vision and determination to provide the best possible education for all the children with the Schoolsworks Trust. This will equip the pupils for the future and so give them the best possible life chances.

Shared values are of prime importance to the Trust because the belief of Schoolsworks is that following these values will help children achieve both their academic and social potential. These values are

  • Maximising potential of all
  • Sustaining positive relationships
  • Cultivating curiosity
  • Developing the whole person
  • Being child/young person centred

To this end the Trust not only carry out their statutory duties effectively but also have high expectations across the board.

Being part of the M.A.T. is ensures we are constantly  challenged and supported. There are rigorous monitoring systems in place to ensure that each school

  • Has a clear vision and sense of direction
  • Is always striving for and succeeding in improving
  • Has secure systems of self-evaluation (including monitoring of data)
  • Uses their resources as effectively as possible