Safer Travel

Cycling to school

 We encourage our parents and children to cycle and scoot safely to school. There are bike and scooter racks available in different areas. Pupils cycling on their own must have permission from their parents or carers and wear a helmet. A bike licence will be issued when the form is completed by a parent or carer and the helmet shown. For safety reasons we do not allow cycling or scooting in the school grounds.

Please download this form is you would like to apply for your child to be able to cycle to school


Safer Cycling

In order to help keep our pupils safe both outside of school hours and on the way to and from school, Bikeability Level 2 training is offered to pupils in Year 6. The training includes:

  • bike checks
  • control skills
  • Highway Code and
  • on-road cycling.

The training is designed to teach young cyclists the fundamental principles of road safety knowledge and the skills necessary for them to control their bicycles properly, carrying out basic manoeuvres in a correct and safe manner.

We do need  written consent from a parent or carer before a pupil can attend this course.

Children must be able to ride a bicycle competently, with good control and balance, before the start of the course. They should:

  • display good control of the cycle;
  • be able to demonstrate balance;
  • be able to ride one-handed whilst making a signal; and
  • be able to look behind.

The courses  are not designed to teach children how to ride, but to increase their basic skills, observation, hazard awareness, and perception of risk. No child shall be permitted to take part in the course unless they are wearing a properly fitted and approved cycle helmet.


Halfords Gear Up Bike safety workshop

Our local Halfords ran a workshop at our school to support transition from primary to secondary school.  The resources they used were written by education specialists to promote the development of key life skills essential for growing independence. The workshop included

  • Activities including how to find and fix a puncture, put a chain back on, adjust a saddle/handle bars and cycling hazards to avoid
  • Downloadable activities and on going support to underpin learning
  • Money-off vouchers for pupils to help towards bike purchases, cycle accessories and safety equipment
  • A competition for pupils to win a bike of their choice as well as free cycle helmets for all their class mates
  • A certificate of achievement on completion of the workshop

The children all had a great time and learned a great deal.


Walking map

To prepare children for life beyond River Beach School we have been part of many inter-school activities that link us with local secondary schools.

One recent initiative, working with other local schools, local businesses and West Sussex County Council, was the Walking Map. Children walked main routes through Littlehampton, pointing out interesting features that became part of a map which is distributed to Year 6 children each summer to enable them to feel confident when being more independent as they move onto Year 7 and may for the first time, be walking or cycling without an adult.  It also has good advice about using public transport and being safe.