At River Beach we aim to foster a love of books and reading in every child. Our goal is for children to leave us not just as fluent readers but also with a lifelong passion for books and literature.

We recognise that children who can read confidently and proficiently will enjoy reading and this will help their learning in all of the other areas of the curriculum as well as give them pleasure and enjoyment.

Reading at River Beach begins with phonics in Early Years and KS1. To find out more about how we teach phonics look here.

We believe that for children to become avid and accomplished readers there must also be a focus on reading for meanings from the start. Whilst they are learning to read through phonics, children at River Beach are also developing the skills of inference and comprehension that will ensure that become avid, life-long readers.

We expect children at River Beach to be reading at home regularly and appreciate the important role that parents play in developing their child’s reading habits.

For ideas on how you can support your child with reading at home look here.