Preparing for the Future

At River Beach we want our children to have happy, safe and fulfilling lives so we need to prepare them for the future and prepare them for life in modern Britain.

This is a thread that runs through everything we do on a day to day basis. It is our job to prepare them academically and socially to be the best people they can be.

We do this from the outset through our work in the curriculum and in the general life of the school and within our local community.

Specific examples of how we do this are detailed below:


Littlehampton Town Council

Working with Littlehampton Town Council

Each year we are invited to the Millennium Chamber to learn about democracy at a local level.  The children take on the roles of the Council members and are helped by the Mayor to manage a debate. The Great Chocolate Debate enables children to see how persuasive argument works in the decision making process.

The Great Chocolate Debate


Junior Youth Council  JYC logo (rgb) (3)


Junior Youth Council meets once a term with other local schools.  There is a Chair who is voted in by the Council.  They meet to discuss issues common to all our schools and to suggest improvements for the good of all.

One of those meetings takes place at Arun District Council where the Chair of Arun District Council discusses local democracy.  The children then visit areas of ADC becoming part of the national initiative, ‘Take over Day’.


Visiting Parliament

Please follow this link above for more information about our visit to parliament.

 Junior Neighbourhood Watch

Please follow this link above for more information about our Junior Neighbourhood Watch