Our School Site

At River Beach, a major priority for us is to keep our children safe. The gates around the school are locked during school hours. If you need to access the school you will need to come via the Main Reception.

A vital factor is that we keep our children safe both on and off the site. An example of this is the detailed risk assessments that are carried out before any trips take place. We use a web based system called Evolve. Risk assessments are also conducted for a range of other matters. You would be very welcome to ask to see any of them.

We were pleased by the positive responses you gave in the questionnaires we sent out in July 2014. 168 of parents completed the questionnaires.

  • 95% agree your child(ren) feels safe at school with only 1% disagreeing.
  • 97% agree your child is well looked after with no one disagreeing

We would like the responses to be 100% so if you ever have an issue with your child’s safety (or anything else) please do come and talk to us.