Our partner school in Sri Lanka


Our school partnership with Mt/ Siri Seevali Maha Vidyalaya school in Sri Lanka began 4 years ago. Together we have built our partnership through letter writing and various projects which have enabled our pupils to develop their understanding of each other’s cultures.

Year 3 have enjoyed the topic of ‘Destination Sri Lanka’ where they learnt about Sri Lankan tea plantations, Buddhism and the geography, food and clothing of Sri Lanka.  Meanwhile, our Year 2 pupils have completed a project on ’Houses and Homes’, where they shared information about shelters in each other’s countries. Other projects have included ‘Midday Meals’ and ‘Our School Day’. In addition, pupils write penpal letters to each other in which they share information about their families and school life.

In June 2014, two of our staff were lucky enough to visit Sri Lanka which has helped to strengthen our partnership links. During the trip, our teachers had the opportunity to teach some Sri Lankan students and share different strategies for teaching.

To read more about their adventure follow this link to read the blog they wrote whole they were in Sri Lanka.

We have now also begun a link with another school called MT/Sri Parakrama Maha Vidyalaya. We are now looking forward to completing new projects this year which will help our pupils continue to develop an increasing understanding of the wider world and encourage a thirst for knowledge of life beyond their immediate surroundings.

We have been able to learn about our partner school and the children’s day through the presentations that they sent us, which you can enjoy below.