Junior Neighbourhood Watch Needs Your Vote!


River Beach hosted the first two Junior Neighbourhood Watch courses in Sussex. We have just been made aware that there is funding available to allow this project to go from strength to strength but your vote is needed.

Please read this press release.

Do you want to keep children safe and also help stop them becoming future causes of crime?

The growing popularity of Junior Neighbourhood Watch cannot be underestimated, as demand for this ground breaking volunteer-led project continues to grow in and around Sussex, with many other areas of the country expressing a keen interest to develop similar initiatives.

We are primarily focusing on children aged between 10 and 11 years old, a significant formative period when they are eager to learn yet still young enough to be wisely influenced. We encourage the younger generation to take a proactive approach to reducing crime and increasing safety in and about their homes, and around the community, through a series of interactive after-school sessions, hosted by a dedicated team of trained volunteers.

To meet this growing demand, Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation is spearheading a campaign to bid for funds and resources to further support the successful roll-out of the scheme across the county. This is where we need your help – just to vote for our project!

Junior Neighbourhood Watch is one of over 3,000 competing ventures participating in the Aviva Community Fund Programme. We need as many votes as possible to get through to the second round. Can you please give us your votes before 30 May?

Junior Neighbourhood Watch has been steadily growing over the last few years, with more and more children wishing to get involved. Those that have taken part have expressed their sheer enjoyment of the project, taking away a number of key safety messages which stand to benefit the entire community. The benefits will last for years. So much quality payback for so little input!

Please pledge your support for Junior Neighbourhood Watch. Vote for free at Aviva Community Fund!

1. Visit the Aviva Community Fund webpage and register: https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/cms/get-involved

2. To locate and vote for the Junior Neighbourhood Watch (JNHW) Sussex project, type ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ into the search bar.

3. Click the ‘Junior Neighbourhood Watch (JNHW) Sussex’ icon to find out more about the project.

4. If you wish to vote for the project, on the right hand side, select ‘how many votes you would like to cast’ (Maximum 10) and click ‘submit my vote’.

We have one more favour to ask. Please pass on this message to all your friends and social media contacts. We need all the votes we can get!

Thank you for your support.

John Wright MBE


Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation