Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

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Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is the River Beach Primary School Charity of the year.

This charity has been established in the UK since 1982 and provide trained working dogs to aid deaf people and children in their everyday lives. The charity acquires suitable puppies from reputable breeders and also from the charity’s own breeding programme which is accredited by the Kennel Club. Volunteer workers socialise the puppies which takes about 12 months and then puppies are trained to respond to everyday noises such as a doorbell or alarm, and alert their owner.

In 2008 the charity’s work was extended to deaf children and young people. River Beach School has a Special interest in deaf children and young people as there are up to 12 children from the school who are part of the Special Support Centre. All the children have significant hearing problems and are supported by specialist staff across the school.

The SSC pupils recently hosted deaf people from the local community to come and look around our school comparing deaf education today with their own experiences.

The whole school recently enjoyed an assembly visit from a local deaf couple and their dog Cleo, provided by this charity and we heard and saw how Cleo helps her owners through everyday tasks such as recognising an alarm or knock at the door.

If you would like to help us to reach our target, or if you would like to donate money that you have raised for this, please follow this link:

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For more information please visit the website www.hearingdogs.org.uk.