Fair Trade Week

In the Summer term, Year 6 pupils organise their own Fair Trade week. During the week they find out all about Fair Trade which is, in a nutshell, making sure that people who grow or make things that other people buy get a fair price for their goods.

The work that week is based around the planning and setting up of a Fair Trade café on the Friday. Some of the work carried out during that week includes:

  • Mathematics – investigating the process of Fair Trade goods, comparing prices across the various supermarkets, working out profits, giving change
  • Chocolate tasting to compare the various brands and then choosing the ones they wanted to sell – a popular activity
  • Finding out about the journey of a banana including studying the wages of the people involved in the process and deciding if the wages were fair
  • Designing Fair Trade logos …

And much more

In previous years, the Fair Trade café has made over £100 profit. The pupils chose to spend this money on buying a pair of goats and to support the training costs of a teacher. A very worthwhile project.