eSafety Poster Competition

Win an iPad Mini!

Our school works closely with JSPC Computer Services who have invited our pupils to enter a competition about esafety.  Here are some places to look and some advice to help you make an entry.

In your classrooms and areas where there are computers around the school, you will see tips about being safe online.

You have seen videos about Lee and Kim learning Sid’s 4 Top Tips


Some have seen The Smart Crew and know how the word SMART can help remember being safe online.


Others have visited the Cyber café and learned from Gryff about safety help.


There is the CBBC site Stay Safe, where you can enter the WonderWebWorld and remind yourself how the Lost Princess managed to avoid trouble. (

You may have laughed at the Horrible History characters telling you how to stay safe.


Now it is your turn to share what you think is really important  with other children across West    Sussex. Do your best  to create an eye-catching poster.  You may wish to use the template here but you can create your entry on a computer, or paint it, or use collage.

Remember the best posters are clear and do not have too much text.

A good colour scheme helps and clear lettering.

Good Luck

eSafety Entry Form