The River Beach Green Team have been working hard this year and have earned the school the Bronze Award of the Eco School Scheme. The eco-committee, consisting of pupils, teachers, support staff, premises staff, SCC, PTA members and a representative of the local Neighbourhood Watch, have met each term to discuss ways of making the school more environmentally friendly.

Classes in Phases 2 and 3 have class eco-reps who have responsibilities to ensure that neither energy nor water is wasted in the classrooms by ensuring lights, computers, whiteboards and taps are all turned off when not in use. They also check to see that litter is picked up, making the school a cleaner place.

Children attending the after school club contribute to other projects, and have successfully lobbied the leadership team at the school to make arrangements for paper recycling to begin. They have learned about how to reduce waste, and how some items can be re-used, recycled or composted rather than be thrown away.  They designed notebooks made from scrap paper to sell at the school summer fair.

Children across the school have also had the opportunity to learn about growing plants and vegetables, and how to eat more healthily. Children from Year 1 helped with ‘The Big Tree Plant’ at Jubilee Hall and the Green Team joined in with Waitrose’s Grow and Sell scheme, to help raise funds for the group. Through this project, the children have also gained skills in basic economics.

The Green Team have told the rest of the school community by giving presentations in assemblies about their priorities. They run ‘spot checks’ around the school to find which classes are ensuring their classrooms are litter free and no energy or water is being wasted. The best classes are then given a certificate designed and made by the Green Team. Members liaise with the School Council and the Travel Plan Committee to raise more awareness of environmentally friendly projects that could be undertaken in school.