Charities We Support

At River Beach, we encourage the children to harness a strong community spirit – both locally and nationally. Over the course of the academic year we support a range of charities and raise funds as appropriate. We support national campaigns such as Sport Relief and Children in Need. We also support charities that the children have either shown an interest in or have a connection to; for example we are currently raising £10,000 to fund a ‘Hearing Dog’ in partnership with our hearing impaired unit.

See below for links to our recent charity support:

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf


Other charities that we support are:

Milk bottle tops

milk-bottle-tops for charities page

Children and their families and some local businesses send us bags of clean plastic milk bottle tops.

GHS Recycling in Portsmouth collect when we have amassed about 12 bags  and then process them.  The granulated tops go to make hard plastic toys for children, such as slides and other garden toys.  They also go to make more bottle tops!  We support Cancer Research by collecting tops as GHS will donate to them on receipt of our bags.




 Children bring in stamps (with a good border of envelope around them) which are used to raise money for the RSPB.



Samaritan’s Purse

samaritans pursesamaritanspurseshoeboxes

During the Autumn term, children learn about how to make Christmas a happier time for children in other parts of the world by filling a shoebox with appropriate toys and necessities.This is a very direct way of sharing how fortunate we are and creates many opportunities to discuss differences in the economics of our modern world.