The Great Chocolate Debate 2017

What is it like to be a Littlehampton Town Councillor?  On Thursday 9th February, River Beach School Council representatives from Years 1 to 6 (ages 5 -11) attended a special deb ate with the Mayor, Councillor Ian Buckland in the Millennium Chamber at the Town Council offices.

Run as a council meeting, but with an unusual agenda, the children learned the rules of making their voice heard in a formal meeting as they debated which chocolate treat was the best (sampling being an important part of the occasion!).  As the result was a tie, between Malteasers and Milky bar buttons, the Mayor had to use his deciding vote – so Milky Bar buttons won the day.

Further discussion took place about earning pocket money and the meeting finished with a more informal question and answer session, with questions like:-

‘What is the best part of your job?’   Answer – ‘meeting people’

‘Would you be Mayor again if you could?’  Answer –‘ yes’

‘Do you like helping make big decisions?’ Answer – ‘ when there has been good discussion.’

Cllr Buckland impressed upon the Council representatives that they need to aim high and follow their dreams.  With perseverance, anything is possible.

The children really enjoyed seeing where local decisions are made and it set them up for more discussions about democracy back at school.

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