Reception Class Photos

Coming soon in the Littlehampton Gazette are our class photos. As we took the pictures ourselves feel free to download a copy for yourselves.

Reception First Week Photos

This week in the Littlehampton Gazette, you will see our Reception class photos. As we took the photos ourselves, please download a copy for yourself – for free!!

‘First Day’ Photo

The Littlehampton Gazette is currently running its annual ‘First Day’ photo for the Reception classes of schools in the area. As we took our own photo this year, we are […]

Helping your child

Thank you for your continued support in helping your child develop the skills they are learning in school during the hours when they are not in school.¬†At the end of […]

A Night with the Stars

After a delay of a week due to the weather, and a difficult week making sure we didn’t eat all the biscuits, the Reception classes finally got to enjoy a […]

Library Visit

Today, the 3 Reception classes visited Littlehampton. The children had signed up for cards which were waiting for them when they arrived, and, after listening to what the library does […]

Start of School Class Photos

Starting school is an exciting moment in a child’s life. During the first couple of weeks, we were asked to take a photo of each of the classes for the […]

The Scarecrow’s Wedding Day

The scene was set, the proposal made, and the scarecrows were all invited to attend ‘THE SCARECROW’S WEDDING’ of the year! The children from Reception enjoyed a visit to St […]