Stuck! Pebble’s latest discoveries

There has been much excitement in Pebble Class with strange things happening in the garden. It all began when Mrs Overmass got a hula hoop stuck in the tree … […]

We’re going on an egg hunt!

Nursery received a letter from “The Little Red Hen” thanking us for helping her to plant her seeds, look after them and make the bread. As a thank you for […]

Spring time explorers

Pebble Class have been out and about looking for signs of Spring. We were surprised how many signs of Spring we could find on a rainy and blustery day! We saw […]

Pebble Class ‘Off t’ mill’

As part of our learning Pebble class have been exploring flour and looking at it’s uses and how to make it. We decided that we needed help to make enough […]

Winter wonderland

What an exciting half term we have had from spiders and Spinderella to a winter performance of  “A Snowman at Sunset”.   We have enjoyed cooking lots of delicious foods […]

Pebble class Autumn explorers

It has been an exciting time in Pebble class with lots of hands on exploration. We have searched for signs of Autumn in the garden and around the school grounds. […]