At the end of November, the Year 6 pupils had the privilege of going on a Bikeability course – set up by Arun District County Council. It was to teach us how to cycle on the UK roads safely.

Things we have learnt

We were taught how to cycle with caution on the nation’s road and how to get on and off our bikes safely. We also learnt what side of the road to ride on and how to indicate, the importance of eye contact and how to approach           T junctions. Using the M check and ABC check, we learnt how to maintain our bikes so they were ready and safe to cycle.


We were awarded with either Level 1 or 2. Several classes were complemented for their behaviour. We have each received a certificate and a badge stating our level and achievements and we want to say a huge thank you to everyone that helped with the sessions from Arun District County Council. We hope they enjoyed working with us.

There are free sessions in the holidays if you wanted to achieve more than level 2.

Quotes from the pupils:

“I loved it and learnt many things. The instructors were lovely and we loved it.” Alexandra

“Bikeability was enjoyable as it changed our routine for the week. It was so much fun.” Toby