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Schoolsworks is a multi-academy trust in West Sussex. Our aim is to create small hubs of schools which work closely together to collaborate, share best practice and improve outcomes for children.


River Beach

River Beach Primary School Celebrates Good Ofsted

Littlehampton School Praised for High Expectations and Friendly Atmosphere Under New Ofsted Framework 


 Dave Ayers, Head of School at River Beach, with Rhona Wilkinson, Deputy Headteacher celebrating Ofsted success with pupils

River Beach Primary School has been awarded a ‘Good’ rating following its recent Ofsted inspection in October. The inspectors praised the school’s high aspirations and caring, nurturing environment which works to ensure pupils “behave very well, work hard and try their best.” River Beach has been classified as a ‘Good’ school since opening in 2011.

The Ofsted report noted the “high-quality of learning” which pupils enjoy “across a full range of subjects”. Teaching is “interesting and engaging” ensuring that children become “curious, confident learners.” The inspectors also commented on the pupils love of reading and strong resources including a “well-stocked, well cared for library” which offers a “calm, inviting space” for the children. Also referenced was the broad range of opportunities which River Beach offers including a variety of clubs, whole school production and educational visits. 

The report also noted our impact as a Trust. The inspectors confirmed that we have an “accurate understanding of the school” and provide “helpful advice and support to leaders” with specific mention of the recent support we gave to improve lesson planning and assessment in order to reduce teachers’ workload.

The team at River Beach, led by Dave Ayers, were pleased that the school’s wonderful community, strong teaching, happy children and engaging curriculum were recognised by Ofsted. They felt that the outcome reflected the hard work of the whole school community - parents, staff and pupils – all of whom work together to make River Beach such a fantastic school for the children of Littlehampton.

We are proud of the team at River Beach and are delighted that their hard work and enthusiasm have been recognised with such a positive Ofsted report. Our aim at Schoolsworks is to improve outcomes for all of our children and there is no doubt that this school offers an excellent primary education with lots of exciting opportunities.


The full report can be read at: