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Schoolsworks is a multi-academy trust in West Sussex. Our aim is to create small hubs of schools which work closely together to collaborate, share best practice and improve outcomes for children.


River Beach


Beat the Streets


The great news is that when River Beach get involved in something they are not just there to make up the numbers but they are there to compete, which is exactly what we did!  We are thrilled to report that our players travelled 13,458 miles and this is nearly the same as walking around the coast of the United Kingdom two times. This has had a positive impact by keeping our families healthy and even helped people make new friends. In addition, our competitive streak shone through and we were very successful in a league set up by the scheme. Our children and families collected so many points that we won the Arun Area average points table! We were thrilled to be presented with a glorious trophy and £500 of sports equipment vouchers which we intend to invest in making our children even more active!

We really enjoyed being involved in the scheme and appreciate the hard work that families went to in organising meet ups and extra walking, cycling and scooting. Even more, we got to explore new parts of our town and surrounding area and take part in special events organised by the ‘Beat the Street’ Finally, the best was being part of the school team who worked together to show what an active and travel wise school we are.

At River Beach, we are passionate about keeping our children healthy and finding ways to enable our children to exercise more regularly. We find lots of ways to make our children active in our curriculum. However, over July and August our children worked very hard at exercising long before and after the school day was over by ‘beating the streets’ which is a scheme the school was involved in. Through the Beat the Street Coastal Scheme the children collected points by visiting boxes which record the distance the children have travelled. We had so many children, staff, parents and even grandparents involved.


Look for a Book

At River Beach we promote a love of reading and are continually finding ways to enthuse and encourage children to become passionate about reading. Therefore when we heard about a new initiative being launched across Sussex called 'Look For A Book Sussex' we were very intrigued as well as excited. The principal behind the scheme is that books are hidden around the local area and when they are found people can take them home to read and either keep them or hide them somewhere else for others to discover and enjoy reading too.  We felt this was a fantastic way to encourage children to read a wide range of books as well as being active whilst out looking for them but also the idea of unearthing a hidden book and unlocking a magical reading world was too good of an opportunity to miss! Hence we joined in the fun and eagerly hid our books around the school.